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Jun. 6th, 2010



Name: Tiffany

Location: Australia

My Story : I got married 2 years ago and I loved every aspect of it. So I am going to do a course and start my own Wedding Coordinatior business called "Tiffany Blue"
So I am still in the early days but I thought joining this group my put me on the right track!

Apr. 1st, 2008



New Member-EventRemembered

Thank you for making such a wonderful community! 
My name is Evgenia and I am the founder of EventRemembered.  I have been assisting with special event planning for a few years now and I specialize in mixed cultures weddings. 
Thank you for making me a part of this community.

Jan. 17th, 2008

wedding - kurt halsey wedding vows


The wedding expo!

Sonoma County's Premier Bridal Show
The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts
Saturday, Jan 19, 2008 - From 12pm to 5pm

--Win a $5000 Wedding Giveaway Courtesy of Ellington Hall
--Win a $5000 Wedding Giveaway Courtesy of Hilton Sonoma Wine Country
--Win a $4000 Wedding Apparel Package Courtesy of Galleria Bridal
--Win a $2000 one week stay in Tahoe courtesy of W.Real Estate
--Fashion Centers - See the latest in Bridal Fashion
Models provided by The Confident Bride
--Wine Tasting - Come savor Wine Country's finest Wines (Complementary with admission - Must be 21 or over)
--Sample Fine Cuisine, Lavish Hors D'oeuvres, Delectable Cakes and Decadent Deserts

Register online and save $3 on your ticket: http://www.winecountrybride.com!

Sep. 4th, 2007

me - mothers day 2019


This is the show I help put on!

Sonoma County's Premier Bridal Show
The Wells Fargo Center for the Arts
Sunday Sept. 9, 2007 - From 12pm to 5pm

--Win a $7500 Wedding Giveaway from Kenwood Farms & Gardens
--Win a $5000 Wedding Giveaway Courtesy of Ellington Hall
--Win a $4000 Wedding Apparel Package Courtesy of Galleria Bridal
--Fashion Centers - See the latest in Bridal Fashion
--Wine Tasting - Come savor Wine Country's finest Wines (Complementary with admission - Must be 21 or over)
--Sample Fine Cuisine, Lavish Hors D'oeuvres, Delectable Cakes and Decadent Deserts

Register online and save $3 on your ticket: http://www.winecountrybride.com!

Jul. 25th, 2007



An Introduction


location:St. Louis, MO

my story:I recently got married. I loved every minute of planning my wedding; after all, I planned events and did theatre in high school and college, so planning the wedding was like producing a play - and I was the star! Since I had so much experience, I decided I didn't need a coordinator. I asked my cousin (who was recently married) to help smooth out details on the day of, but I didn't realize she would have her four-month-old daughter with her. This did not make for a good day!

Everything on the big day turned out fine, but I realized that even brides on a budget should have someone to coordinate all the details and not have the family deal with it. That is what brings me here. I have a full time job at a local theatre that allows me some flex time during certain parts of the year, so I'm hoping to start coordinating weddings of some friends soon.

But my question? How do I even begin? I want to create a business plan, but I need a name before I can even print up business cards (VistaPrint is my best friend!). What advice can you give to someone just starting out, and who can't quit her full time day job. Eventually, I want to quit my current job and find someplace that would take me on, but I have a feeling most coordinators want their planners to have some experience.

Jul. 15th, 2007


DIY? That is the question

OK so I have a huge dilemma. I have a bride with a $500 flower budget. Not just budget for the centerpieces, or just for the bridal party, but for the ENTIRE ceremony! Her wedding is next month and I have met with 2 of my floral vendors, and one of them said they can't do it for less than $1000, and the other one said that she can do it for $500, but that is with rented vases. Vases are EXPENSIVE. Especially the ones my bride wants. So here is the thing, I was thinking I could probably do it because of the simplicity of it all. Here is a picture of the arrangements she wants for her reception centerpieces:

It's a fairly simple centerpiece that consists of a dozen carnations, brown river rocks, a square glass vase, and a ribbon. The thing is she needs 23 LOL. Plus she needs 2 for the head table? She has been on vacation for the past 2 weeks, so I am meeting with her hopefully sometime this week to discuss the possibility of her floral budget becoming closer to $700-1000. I feel bad, but I want her wedding to look nice.

So should I save her the money, go to Costco's buy a bunch of flowers the day of the wedding and put all of these centerpieces together myself (for extra money of course and I have an assistant), or should I try and talk her into a simpler centerpiece, or should I try and persuade her to spend more money on the flowers?

Jul. 5th, 2007


Totally Bummed

Ok So today I got my first "rejection" from a potential client. Since I am still new to this, I don't have a really good portfolio. All I pretty much have to go on are my great references and my ability to sell myself. When the girl called me this past Tuesday, I was excited until she asked me if I had anything to show her. When I told her I didn't, she didn't sound too happy that all I told her I had was "references". She still set up a meeting with me anyway (for this Saturday). So today I went and I overnighted her some information about the services I provide as well as a little worksheet for her to complete to have ready during our initial consultation. I spent $20 to overnight her some info because I'd figured she'd be impressed with how professional and organized I am. So low and behold she calls me today to CANCEL. She said "she was going with someone else". I am not even mad she canceled, I am just mad that I spent $20 for no reason. LOL!

My question is, how do you deal with the establishment stage of starting a wedding planning business? I have two weddings coming up that I will most definitely use in my portfolio. Maybe I should wait and start advertising AFTER I do finish these two weddings?

Jul. 4th, 2007


New Wedding Planner

Hi All!

name: Kim Versher

location: Corona, CA

my story: I just recently decided to go public with my wedding planning business. I started out planning events, parties and weddings for myself and friends. I enjoy doing it so much that, I have recently started to advertise my business and I have gained 3 new clients! I have one wedding in August and one in September. I am so excited. I am however not certified. I plan on getting certified in October when the Bridal Certification workshop comes to Los Angeles. It's one of those 4 to 5 day courses to get me certified upon completion. It's a whopping $800+, but I figure it's an investment because brides will take me seriously if I have some type of certification along with my business license.

Since I am a newbie, I thought it would be great to gain some expertise and knowledge from more experienced wedding coordinators. Also to share some experiences.


Jun. 18th, 2007

me - mothers day 2019


jessica & trevor - may 20, 2007

the photos are in from the wedding i coordinated in livermore about a month ago. i'm going to order some shots from their photographer for my coordinating portfolio, probably these photos plus a few more to show the work i did that day. i just wanted to show you guys what a beautiful wedding it was! first, the bride and groom:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

a few more, i even get a cameo!Collapse )

thank you for letting me be there and help you out on your day, jessica. you were a beautiful bride and your wedding went off perfectly. :)

Mar. 21st, 2007

me - mothers day 2019


(no subject)

yesterday i was just riding a high of good feelings from the hall. my morning meeting went great (booked for jan 08), the may 19th wedding i'd been working on booked, i set up a showing for today (it's confirmed), the 6:30 pm meeting went GREAT and they LOVED me (they're a april 08 wedding and i bet they'll call us back). i was just so giddy by the end of the evening, i was grinning from ear to ear.

after we finished dance lessons, one of the hall owners started talking about more plans for the hall and invited my husband & i to come to dinner with them and we had a GREAT meeting!

nitty gritty detailsCollapse )

so basically, the hall is just going to get better and better and it's just so exciting! plus the owners are already working on signing on another venue that i can move up to and i'll eventually train someone under me to run the hall and i'll be moving on up - to wineries! woo hoo!

i am seriously so lucky that i fell into this. i can't believe that i found such a calling by accident. sure, i knew that i loved weddings but trying to start out as a coordinator on my own would have been hard! being taken under their wing was the BEST thing that could have happened to me. and my husband? he LOVES being a DJ! and they've got big plans for him as well!

basically, i love weddings and i love coordinating and squee. hahahahaha.

anyone else have some joy to share? or difficulties?

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